Lifelong Learning on Your Terms

Fall Classes Available!


The wait is over. We have three new Fall Classes open for enrollment. These are open-ended, self-paced classes you can enter at any time. However, you always have access to the instructor through email and course messaging.


Self-Publishing basics are featured in these courses


All courses include text and, where appropriate, video lessons and are just $10.00 each.


How Do You Learn?


We all learn differently. Some of us learn best by reading. Some by watching videos. Others by listening to audio lessons. Some need structured courses with specific deadlines and scheduled delivery of lessons. Others learn best working at their own pace.


We get it. There is no "one-size-fits-all" educational solution. That is why we offer courses in a variety of formats. Some are structured around a schedule with a beginning and end date. Others provide you with all the lessons at once. We have lessons in print, video and audio formats. Many of our courses have all three.


We are adding new courses all the time. Right now, we have a few, but those will grow over the balance of this year.





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